Beat Designer

Beat Designer


“Designer Beats and Grooves

Beat Designer is a MIDI pattern sequencer that allows you to create your own drum parts or patterns for a project. With the Beat Designer, you can quickly and easily set up the drums for a project, by experimenting and creating new drum sequences from scratch.

Beat Designer is a hot new beat construction plug-in that allows the artist to get hands-on with beats for step programming and designing drum patterns in an easy yet powerful way.

Beat Designer supports up to 64 steps per pattern and covers everything needed to create breathtaking beats and pumping grooves, including customizable resolution and time signature as well as support for flam hits and rolls. Each individual element in a beat has its own volume setting, allowing full control of the dynamics of any groove.

Getting interactive with different grooves and variations has never been easier: in the twinkling of an eye Beat Designer organizes several patterns in customizable banks and can trigger each of them in real time, all synced to Cubase with a MIDI keyboard. These banks can be previewed with the corresponding drum kit directly from MediaBay!

Beat Designer includes dozens of beats in various styles to get the user going right away — and so much control, ease of use and functionality that one keeps coming back for more.”