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Ultra Analog: Some Presets II

Monk Choir

Ethereal Frequencies

After Effect

Pray for Me




Dark Times


Ultra Analog: Some Presets I

A Knife through Butter

Orchestra Space


Deep Mind

Blazing Red

Blue Moon

Crystal Strings



Church Key

Fuell Cell

Lost Layers

Wheel Wind


Ultra Analog: Some Presets II


Dust Pad



Space Music

Super Saw

Drawbars 3

Vapor Rays

Ultra Analog: Some Presets I


Orchestra Space


Pro Phat


D50 Sweep

Picking 1

Church 1


Ultra Analog

Ultra Analog VA-3

“What’s new

We have streamlined Ultra Analog and brought it to a whole new level.

NEW Home view

With macros mapped to key sound characteristics—modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect—the Home view presents a distraction free and laidback browsing and tweaking experience.

NEW Two-Voice Multitimbral

Ultra Analog VA-3 combines two independent timbres—stacked or split—to create performance-friendly, texture-full, and spacious sounds that are sure to make a good impression.

NEW Factory Library​

Ultra Analog VA-3 ships with a completely new factory library of 560 sounds created by top sound designers. Richard Devine, Christian Halten, Jerry Kovarsky, Christian Laffitte, Niall McCallum, Adam Pietruszko, Thiago Pinheiro, Daniel Stawczyk, and Emeric Zubar form an incredible team that made the most of the latest Ultra Analog VA-3 features. It’s with great pride that we present these new signature sounds.

PEPPED VA-2 Legacy Library

A long and fastidious process of fine-tuning went down in the AAS quarters. Each and every sounds of the legacy Ultra Analog VA-2 library went under the eyes of all team members to exit with a consistent gain-stage, unity-gain effects, better dynamics, and compelling real-time sound transformation assignments to take advantage of the new features of Ultra Analog VA-3. That’s an extra 648 solid sounds in your hands.

NEW Browser

With Packs, Sounds, Categories, and Creators views, Ultra Analog VA-3’s brand-new browser offers an efficient way to home in on the sounds you’re looking for.

NEW Macros

Ultra Analog VA-3 now boasts four performance macros per layer that respond to user-defined MIDI controls. Each and every sound features modulation, timbre, envelope, and effect morphing assignments that can be played in real time for enhanced expressivity and sonic dimension.

IMPROVED Filter’s Musicality

Ultra Analog VA-3’s filters can now put up with extreme modulation while remaining totally musical.

NEW Ladder Filter

Ultra Analog VA-3’s multi-mode module now stars a brand-new ladder-type filter for that classic low-pass response.

IMPROVED Microtonal tunings via Scala scale files

Ultra Analog VA-3 now supports the Scala scale file format as well as reference note frequency tuning for microtonal music making.

NEAT Compatible with Ultra Analog VA-2 sounds

Simply copy Ultra Analog VA-2 banks in Ultra Analog VA-3’s packs folder to convert them.

EXPANDED Multi-Effects Module

Ultra Analog VA-3’s multi-effects module now sports reverb, equalizer, compressor, tremolo, and guitar amplifier processors for even more completeness. Furthermore, the five effect slots can be re-arranged in any order.”

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