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Voice (Legato)

Elven Glance

Ancient Voices 06

Elven Melodic Phrases (Set 1|8)


Voice (Staccato)


Phrases (Set 1|3)

Voice of Renaissance

Mysterious Lights

Dream Voices 01

Horse Ride to Florence

Hidden Crypt


Chants (Dei Matris Cantibus)

The Monks (Vowels)

Abandoned Abbey

Morning Bell Call to Prayer

Prayers of Light and Darkness 01



Female Chamber Choir


Summon Spells


Dark Horizon

Empty your Mind

The Awakening

Voices of Light 04



String Plucked: Baroque Guitar

Brass: Sackbut

Key: Spinet

Percussion: Kettle Drum

Flute: Gemshorn

String Bowed: Nyckelharpa

Voices: Tavern Singers Shouts

Soundscapes: Discovery

Mysterious Atmospheres: 17

Soundscapes: Evil Magic

Soundscapes: Mists Of Avalon II

Whooshes: Fire Ball Long


Alpine Volksmusik

Alpine Volksmusik


“To the Alps and beyond!

Alpine Volksmusik offers 24 single instruments, from Accordion to the „Zillertaler“ violin.
This collection offers everything you need to compose music in the authentic Alpine and Upper Carniola style. Only the best artists from this genre have been recorded for these instruments

Alpine Volksmusik is the first professional sample-library dedicated to the incredible wide field of traditional Austrian, Bavarian as well as Upper Carniolan folk and brass music. Using 24 high-quality instruments, every producer can now arrange a virtual ensemble ranging from familiar setups to a full marching band.

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Chris Hein Guitars

Chris Hein Guitars

“Seven Guitars, professionally sampled in one virtual instrument

Chris Hein – Guitar is an outstanding, sampled virtual guitar library. Thousands of samples, many articulations and dynamics all in one preset per instrument. With about 40.000 samples and 10 GB content, its one of the largest guitar libraries available. Thanks to Native Instruments’ genius script feature, Chris Hein – Guitar is easy to control.

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