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Tool: audio -> midi

Dark Star

Doolittle’s musical bottle organ

Xylophone, Kalimba, Vibraphone

Mystique Bells MW

CP80 Chorus

Doolittle’s Musical Bottle Organ


Iterated Overtones

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Iteration 4

Iteration 5

Iteration 6

Iteration 7

Iteration 8

Yamaha C7 Player


TrueReverbStereo: Cathedral

Cancrizans Overtones

Bösendorfer 290 Player

Concert Experience

Concert Evening

Model D Player


TrueReverbStereo: Cathedral

(Tempo changed)

Capella Wave Kit

Capella Wave Kit

“Wave to Midi to capella

capella wave kit can be taken from a ready mixed audio file, e.g. wav or MP3, very accurately recognize and isolate the individual tones. “That’s like breaking a baked cake into its ingredients,” we once heard, and this comparison is pretty good.
But capella wave kit 2.0 can do something else: it can pick the raisins out of the cake.

With the new algorithm of “holistic recognition”, the three most important elements of a song are specifically recorded: lead vocals, harmonies, bass line. From this, capella wave kit quickly creates a new movement in the desired line-up and style.”

Translation: Google