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“HALion Sonic brings the concept of all-in-one workstations to the virtual world. With a massive sample content library in combination with powerful synthesizer engines, HALion Sonic is a versatile sound production instrument comprising everything from deep-sampled acoustic instruments to cutting-edge synthetic sounds.”

Olympus Choir Micro

Space Staccatos

Staccato Ah

Cavern Choir


Legato Ah

Legato Oo

Marcato Ah

Sustain Ah

Sustain Oo

Vocalphonic Synth

Dark Star

Doolittle’s musical bottle organ

Xylophone, Kalimba, Vibraphone

Mystique Bells MW

CP80 Chorus

Doolittle’s Musical Bottle Organ


B-Box: Some Presets III

Minimal Tech 01

Minimalism 02

Moomba Bounce 03

Nu Disco Stop 05

Perc Jam 01

Stripped House 02

Tech House 03

Techno Drums 02

Cancrizans Overtones

Bösendorfer 290 Player

Concert Experience

Concert Evening

Model D Player


TrueReverbStereo: Cathedral

(Tempo changed)

Halion Sonic Factory Content: Some Instruments

Tutti Pipe Organ

Warm Sax Ensemble

Nativity Choir

Adventure Land


Tortured Liquid Metal

Standard Vintage Kit

Classic Rock Rotary Gtr

Halion Sonic SE Hybrid Expansion: Some Instruments

Almighty Organ
(2 * [GM 20] Church Organ)

Dark Click

Horn & More
([GM 070] English Horn, [GM 061] French Horn)

Big Dark Bell

Machine Beat

Amp Room Rock Guitar

Oceanic EP

Neon Sphere

Halion Sonic SE Artist Library: Strings

80s String Ensemble

Angels & Strings NoteExp

Big Symphony Strings

Chamber Strings

Ensemble Strings

Slow Ensemble

Strings in Church NoteExp

Warm Phaser String Pad NoteExp

Halion Sonic SE Pro Set: Keys

Arctic Piano

Digital Clavinet

Vintage Amp Wurli

Dynamic Chorus Rhodes

Fast Vibrato Mk I

Hot Suitcase

Vintage Mk I

Tremolo Wah Mark II

Halion Sonic: Combis VIII

Leading Edge

Kite Surfing

Heavy Atmosphere

Grand Finale

Gentle Times

Evening Chill

Bells of Babylon