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“Set yourself free with HALion Sonic SE

HALion Sonic SE 3 is a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic 3 without giving up on sound quality and accessibility. The streamlined VST workstation lets you load and play a plethora of sound content: the SE libraries shipping with Steinberg’s digital audio workstations, VST Sound Instrument Sets for HALion and the custom user libraries created within the HALion 6 sampler and sound creation system.

HALion Sonic SE 3 is available for free as a plug-in for any VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host and as a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows.”

Novel Piano

Fairy Tale Piano

Novel Piano

Scoring Piano

Novel Piano Delay

Novel Piano Resonator


Electric Bass


Bag Of Nerves

Cats And Thunders

Dreamy Portrait

Wolves In Town

Feeling Good

Voltage Feelings

Hang On


Amped Elektra

Bottled Message

Deep Diving

Elektra on Tape

Fancy Chords

Grab the Cat by Its Tail


Like a Blues Guitar

Radio Wah


Car Noise

Mellow Grand Piano – shifted

Rock Standard Kit 2

Tibetan Bells

Wood And Bells

Trad Cimbalon

High Brass Section

Large Strings VX

Slow Movie Strings

Soft Vibrato Flute NoteExp

Bright Pipe Organ



Halion Sonic SE Artist Library: Strings II

Cello Duo

FlexPhrased Pizzicatos

Lovely Ensemble

Matrix Strings

Old Tape Strings

Solo Violin

String Quartet

Synth Pizzicatos




Ensemble Legato Pad


Ensemble Legato Pad & Ascension


Daphne 1


Harp Standard




Baroque Chapel