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“Easily the most detailed and comprehensive electric grand piano instrument ever produced, EGP boasts 5 channels of audio including electric, L/R and M/S signals, 10 preparations, independent EQ, effects and dynamics for the electric and acoustic signals and over 100 professionally designed presets. An expressive and deeply customizable instrument, EGP gives you pristine imaging and a sonic range well beyond any electric piano you’ve tried before.”




“Falcon is an advanced and truly unlimited hybrid instrument, bringing together an extensive collection of cutting-edge oscillators, effects, modulators and event processors and delivering them in a workflow-adaptive and highly-scriptable environment. Falcon allows you to create and manipulate sound with unparalleled precision and finesse, from basic sample slicing and synth design to extravagantly modulated multitimbral hybrids. Falcon runs stand-alone or in your DAW as a plugin, is natively surround capable up to 10.2 channels, can take just about any sound you can throw at it for fuel (and some pictures, too) and is fully compatible with all UVI Powered instruments.

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Grand Piano Model D

Grand Piano Model D

“Each note was carefully multi-sampled at a number of velocity levels with and without sustain. These samples were then carefully prepared and scripted with advanced keygroup layers and rule switching provided by the UVI Engine, allowing the sustain pedal and release samples to articulate in a natural way, reflective of the physical instrument. During this process we consulted with concert pianists and used their feedback in tuning our algorithms for the most natural feel and best playability possible. The result is a finely tempered software piano exhibiting an effortless playability and the sound of a real concert grand.”