“Cronk-O-tron is part of a new series of ‘MLM Lite’ products I’ll be banging out from time to time for ‘cup of coffee’ prices.

Cronk-O-Tron (as the name suggests) is a cheap and cheerful thing with a dark and crusty old tone. It’s made up of layers of stuff carefully blended to create a vintage/retro kind of strings/voice pad sound – lo-fi and wobbly.

It’s extensively multi-sampled in stereo and each sample was recorded for a minute before having long and luxurious loops applied that allow the sound to ‘breathe’.


* 44.1 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Mysterious lo-fi string/vox samples
* All-pass filter for tonal modification
* LFO sweep of filter for phase shifting
* ‘Crud’ switch creates edgier lo-fi elements
* Simple envelope shaper
* Stereo spread control
* Chorus and stereo/mono echo section
* Convolution reverb with custom impulses”