Groove Agent

Groove Agent 5


A new standard of dynamic acoustic drums; new kits for electronic music; new MIDI grooves; live sampling; Decompose feature for your own signature drum sound; 32 velocity layers; updated and resizable user interface… plus much more!

Sound design with Decompose

Decompose is a sound designer’s dream! With it you can load a sample and easily separate it into its tonal and noise components. Once you’ve done that, you can easily drag and drop each part onto Groove Agent pads to layer your drums, creating an endless array of possibilities. Just imagine combining a fat 808 kick tone with the noise of a 909 snare. Or an electronic snare with the noise of an acoustic hi-hat.

Change the pitch of samples

Create new exciting drum sounds with changing the pitch envelope of a sample. This is especially great for EDM music if you want to create drops and build ups or if you want to do pitch adjustments of pre-recorded drums. Combined with the new Decompose you can also modulate the pitch of tone and noise separately – a very unique approach in working with drum sounds.

Overview of every new feature in Groove Agent 5

20 new MIDI Styles
Played and mixed by top drummers and engineers

32 plug-in outputs
You can use more audio outputs than ever before

32 velocity layers
Groove Agent now handles up to 32 velocity layers

Decompose sounds
Easily separate sounds into the tonal and noise components for an endless array of possibilities

Drag and drop samples on pads
Build your own kits of single instruments, recorded or Decomposed samples

Drag and drop to Cubase
Drag samples or MIDI grooves from Groove Agent to Cubase

Export mix to Cubase 10
… including all inserts in each channel strip

Filter content by instrument
New Beat Agent kits are also available as single instrument presets

Improved Style Player
New auto complexity mode, with export options for complexities and fills

Live sampling
Record your own samples directly to pads in Groove Agent

Load styles and MIDI
… with a simple double click

More than 30 new Beat Agent kits
For EDM, Trap, Future Bass, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Modern Funk and more

New Pitch modulation
The perfect addition for Decompose: pitch only the tonal part and leave the noise unpitched

New auto complexity mode
After inserting a drum fill, you can define the complexity of how it’s played

New modern user interface
Resizable, undockable and ready for HiDPI

Pre-listening pads and Styles
Even during playback you can switch instruments or grooves and hear if they fit in

Revised pitch envelope
… with much better handling

Sample view in envelope editors
Show samples in the background of envelope editors

Selectable auto fills
In the Style Player, you can now select just the auto fills you want to use

Solo per layer
Solo listening of samples on pads with more than one layer

Style Player for Beat Agent
Acoustic MIDI styles now can be played by electronic kits

The Kit
The finest acoustic drums, recorded at Teldex Studios, Berlin”

Groove Agent 4


“Groove Agent 4 — What you get

Steinberg’s easy-to-use yet powerful drum studio is the ultimate source for any kind of drum production style. Look beyond your standard workflows and get creative by combining electronic beats with warm acoustic drums to produce your individual sound.

Ultimate drum workstation

Unique multi-Agent architecture

Groove Agent 4 redefines “virtual drummer” instruments by allowing you to combine up to four of the included drum Agents — each a specialist in their own field — with each other, opening up completely new ways of creating drum and rhythm tracks. Each Agent draws on a massive new sound library created especially for this version, with over 22,000 samples and more than 3,800 grooves that cover almost any contemporary music genre. All included patterns and grooves can be altered on the fly using the integrated Pattern Editor for even more creative options.

A multi-role virtual drummer

Easy to use yet functionally deep and featuring many innovative approaches, Groove Agent 4 has been designed to excel in a number of roles, such as the studio, on stage, in the rehearsal room or as a creative inspiration for music production at home or on the road. Launch the stand-alone version of Groove Agent 4 in Jam mode to assist you during song-writing sessions, for example, when your drummer is not around. Groove Agent also supports all the most common e-drum hardware, allowing you to play the included kits on your setup.

In the mix

With 29 studio-grade effects and a dedicated mixer section, Groove Agent 4 allows you to both create your drum tracks and sculpt your ideal drum sound, all within the same application. And if you want to mix your drums within your host application, the routing architecture allows you to send up to 16 stereo outputs directly into the mixer. The integrated effects also add another way of working creatively with drums and beats, either as send effects on the dedicated aux buses or inserted anywhere at the level of each kit, Agent or pad.

Totally integrated workflow with Cubase

As you’d expect, Groove Agent 4 has been engineered to harmonize completely with Cubase to keep your workflow smooth and your creativity flowing. Drag and drop samples and MIDI patterns from Cubase onto Groove Agent 4 or drag patterns from the Groove Agent 4 pads into your project to build a Cubase arrangement in seconds. But the integration goes even further: drum maps are automatically created for you from your Groove Agent kits, and all pad names are copied to Cubase, meaning less hassle and more creative freedom.”