Created by the father of REAKTOR
2nd interface view for advanced tweaking
Powerful morphing feature


SKANNER XT is a raucous and exciting synth from the creator of REAKTOR. Part sampler, part synth, SKANNER XT offers a broad range of sounds – from big and nasty basses to celestial pads and intriguing, morphing soundscapes.

Highly unpredictable, this instrument delivers an edge to your productions that no other synth can. SKANNER XT runs in REAKTOR PLAYER or the full REAKTOR 5 version, and is also optimized for easy browsing from the MASCHINE hardware.


SKANNER XT is built on unique synthesis architecture, developed by Stephan Schmitt – the father of REAKTOR. SKANNER XT ingeniously mixes sampler and synthesizer, two oscillators ‘scan’ a sample.

At low frequencies you get the ‘scratch’ sound of the sample being read back and forth, while at higher frequencies the dominant force is the oscillators being shaped by the sample waveform.


Despite the complex synthesis going on under the hood, SKANNER XT couldn’t be easier to use. Two views offer different levels of interaction: The ‘A’ view features the preset morpher and four macro controls — even subtle tweaks can create dramatic changes. Assign controls to the global LFO and hear SKANNER XT bring the wobble.

If you want to dig deeper into the architecture of SKANNER XT, the ’B’ view provides access to more detailed parameters. Assign the Macro controls to multiple parameters, and fine-tune the sound in detail. Use SKANNER XT with REAKTOR 5.6 and you can replace the included samples with your own —discover their sonic potential when they get skanned.


At the heart of the interface is the Morph control – morph between eight different snapshots for evolving sounds that are unworldly and extreme – perfect for forward-thinking sound designers and producers of cutting-edge electronic music.

The controls include morphing speed and LFO modulation – jam and morph from one extreme to another, and capture your performance in your DAW.* “