“Back in 1856, a genius was born in Croatia. He was called Nikola Tesla. ‘Genius’ is a word too often bandied about these days but Tesla certainly was one and many of his maverick inventions, designs and patents influence our lives today.

He pioneered AC motors/generators, was dabbling with radio, radio control and X-ray, had run-ins with Thomas Edison who couldn’t see Tesla’s unique vision, put forward ideas and patents for the wireless transmission of electrical power and much, much more. A bit of a stubborn and awkward bugger by all accounts but a true visionary. whose work, as I say, still has ramifications in our modern world, our AC electrical power we all take for granted being just one of them.

But another of his inventions/patents was his ‘Tesla Coils’ in 1891.


* 44.1 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Accurate recreations of Tesla coils
* 3-band EQ for tonal modification
* Distortion and cab sim presets
* Pitch and tonal ‘variations’
* Simple envelope shaper
* Stereo spread control
* Stereo/mono echo section
* Convolution reverb with custom impulses”