Vienna Instruments

Vienna Instruments

“Free Vienna Instruments Sample Player

After having purchased and registered any Vienna Instruments Library Product* you may download the free Vienna Instruments sample player software from MyDownloads. Vienna Instruments allows you to combine hundreds of articulations on one MIDI track, and switch easily between them. Our proprietary Performance Detection analyzes intervals, repeated notes, patterns, and even playing speed in real-time, and automatically summons the appropriate articulation or nuance.


Stand-alone and plug-in (VST, AU, AAX Native) under Windows and OS X
Pre-configured Presets and Matrices for intuitive playing in real-time with quick authentic results.
Easily design your own Matrices using Drag & Drop.
Layer Articulations for simultaneous or crossfade performances in one Preset.
Interval Detection – Provides natural intervals and note transitions for legato, portamento, glissando, spiccato, marcato and détaché styles in real-time.
Repetition Detection – Lets you play natural repeated notes in legato, portato, staccato and spiccato styles at any speed.
Pattern and Trill Detection – Avoids same-sample occurrences, even within complex phrases and trills.
Speed Detection – The tempo of your performance automatically triggers the appropriately articulated samples and switches seamlessly between articulations.
Basic View for an easy overview. Advanced View displays all of the important parameters in the same window.
Built-in algorithmic reverb
Possibility to incorporate the optional MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions (sold separately), based on Vienna MIRconvolution technology.
Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. You can even play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading!
Lossless real-time de-compression for using less RAM and hard disk resources.
RAM Optimizer removes unused samples from RAM.
32-bit and 64-bit support

* The Vienna Imperial piano library comes with its own dedicated playback engine and user interface.”