VST3 SDK 3.6.5: VST2 wrapper & VSTGUI

Using the VST2 wrapper with VSTGUI 4.2.
It works for 64-bit VST2.

But the 32-bit VST2 plugin needs a refresh:
When I load another preset, the new data will be loaded (playing on the keyboard the new sound), but the GUI shows the old param values.
When I move the plugin window out of the screen & then back, the GUI is refreshed & shows the correct values.

This happens with plugin ‘note_expression_synth’ (SDK sample project).

If I use the new VSTGUI 4.3, the plugin shows an empty (white) window!
The same with the (new) SDK project ‘uidescription test’.

— obsolete: new VST SDK version 3.6.6 —