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Vienna Symphonic Orchestra: Uncertain Times





(D-Major Ripp F. Trebor 20th)



[Baumgartenhöhe – Steinhofkirche]


VI SE: Rehearsal I

Boesendorfer Imperial Close
Flute Ensemble
Chamber Violins
Trumpet Bb

Vienna Konzerthaus Schubertsaal


Harp 1
Bass Drum A
Timpani A
Bass Trombone

Vienna Konzerthaus Mozartsaal


Vienna Choir
Konzerthaus Organ
Bassoon Ensemble

Vienna Baumgartner Höhe Steinhofkirche

Tonica Fugata: Fugae 11 – 20

Fuga 11

Full Organ 2

Fugue Scheme 2

Fuga 12

Violin, Viola, Cello

ORF Großer Sendesaal

Fuga 13


Fugue sheme: WKII C minor

Fuga 14

Una Corda Pure

Fugue Scheme 3

Fuga 15

Fugue sheme: WKII C minor

Fuga 16



Fugue sheme: WKI C major

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Vienna MIR Pro

Vienna MIR Pro

“Bringing Space to Your Music

Vienna MIR PRO is a holistic mixing and reverberation engine for Mac and PC, based on revolutionary Multi Impulse Response convolution. Based on the central idea of “spatial mixing”, the software merges all parts of the creative process into a single intuitive workflow. Not just virtual instruments, but any audio signal can be processed and delivered in stereo, or in various surround formats on up to 8 output channels. You may choose your acoustic spaces according to your needs from various Vienna MIR RoomPacks with over 53,000 impulse responses of world renowned concert halls, legendary studios and recording facilities as well as exceptional churches.

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Vienna MIR Roompack

Vienna MIR Roompack

“Viennese Space Research

The Vienna MIR RoomPack Bundle includes 6 products at a discounted bundle price:

Vienna MIR RoomPack 1 – Vienna Konzerthaus
Vienna MIR RoomPack 2 – Studios & Sound Stages
Vienna MIR RoomPack 3 – Mystic Spaces
Vienna MIR RoomPack 4 – The Sage Gateshead
Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 – Pernegg Monastery
Vienna MIR RoomPack 6 – Synchron Stage Vienna

Vienna MIR RoomPack 1 “Vienna Konzerthaus”
The Vienna Konzerthaus, one of the world’s preeminent concert buildings, enjoys undisputed acclaim for its unique acoustics. RoomPack 1 includes a staggering 11,000 impulse responses from four halls, plus its grand foyer, that have been recorded exclusively for Vienna MIR PRO / MIR PRO 24.

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Vienna Symphonic Library

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Vienna Synchron Pianos, Yamaha CFX