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Modular II





Exp FoldKorRub Wow Stereo


8 Bit



7th Heaven

Modular I

Seq Percussive 10 Stereo

Seq Melodic Arp Stereo

[Buchla 259e TWG]

Braids Clouds Epic




Todd’s Broken Krell Clouds


Exotic Birds




Modular is a cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in standard, which features authorized emulations of modules from well known hardware Eurorack brands

True dynamic circuit-emulation—looks, functions and sounds like its hardware counterparts

Basic system contains seven Doepfer modules (A-110-1 VCO, A-108 VCF, A-132-3 Dual VCA, A-140 ADSR, A-118 Noise/Random, A-147 VCLFO, A-114 Ring Modulator)

Basic system contains the unique ROLI Seaboard RISE module which interface Modular with the ROLI Seaboard RISE keyboard controller

Modular also contains over 20 Utility modules (such as MIDI to CV/gate, mixers, slew, sample & hold, switches, multiples, delay, offset, quantizer, sequencers, clock dividers, logic and signal tools, as well as a Polyphonic MIDI to CV/gate module).

Additional authorized emulations from Intellijel is available as add-ons (uFold II, Korgasmatron II, Rubicon). Many more modules from other quality hardware Eurorack vendors to be released

Simple design of your own interaction layout with the Performance modules in classic synthesizer style

Softube Heartbeat drum channels and EQ can be used as separate modules for owners of Heartbeat

More than 400 quality presets included covering a huge range of styles and sounds

Can be used both as effect and instrument for your DAW and integrates beautifully with your hardware Eurorack modular

High internal sample rate within system enables true feedback

Download our Saturation Knob plug-in and get a free module to use inside Modular

NKS-ready: Integrates with Native Instruments hardware and software. Plug-in parameters and presets can be controlled from KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE.

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“Unique sounds for unique ideas.

A plug-in soft-synth with dual wavescanning source sections.​
Sonic progression within each waveform means near-infinite source-material.​

Hundreds of expertly-created presets from world-leading synth artists, engineers, and sound-designers, including Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT, Richard Devine, Inhalt, and more.​

For cinematic scoring, for expressive, intelligent, modern electronic music, for video game and theatrical soundscaping… a one-off synth can create a one-off mood. How often have you looked at your everyday workhorse synth with its million billion options, and thought, “nothing here sounds quite right!”?

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Buchla 259e TWG, DP A-108 VCF, DP A-110-1 VCO,
DP A-114 Ring Modulator, DP A-101-2 LPG, DP A-188-1 BBD Module, DP A-118 Noise/Random, DP A-132-3 Dual VCA,
DP A-140 ADSR, DP A-147 VCLFO,
IJ myFold, IJ Korgasmatron II, IJ Rubicon,
MI Braids, MI Clouds, MI Rings,
Modular, Parallels, Spring Reverb, Tube Delay