Modular Toolkit

Modular Toolkit

“Pride of place in the Music Lab here at HS Towers is the modular synth system…

With three VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), a multi-mode filter, a creamy transistor ladder filter, two VCAs (voltage controlled amplifiers), two envelope generators, a white/pink/LF noise source, clipper, signal processor and rectifier, she makes a glorious noise and being true analogue, all sorts of non-linearities exist in the sounds that make them curiously organic with depth, richness and movement.

We have taken some choice sounds from her for the Modular Toolkit MLM…

All manner of drones, sweeps, swoops, blips, bleeps, bloops, noiise ‘uplifters’ and swooshes, shrieking FM and ring mod FX, etc., and complex sounds which the modular generated on its own, have been laid out across the keyboard so you can have this ‘toolkit’ of sounds at your finger tips to use in almost any modern musical genre. Furthermore, each sound is individually editable from tuning, level, pan, pitch mod, filter, shaping and bit crushing through to individual sample start editing complete with a waveform display.

The sounds then feed a comprehensive multi-FX comprising chorus, phase shifter, echo and convolved reverb featuring a wide range of impulses from halls and room to plates and spring reverbs and lush anbiences….

Whatever aspect of modern music making you’re involved in, whether your a top Hollywood scorer or a more modest bedroom producer and irrespective of your musical style, you will find the Modular Toolkit an invaluable addition to your sonic arsenal for injecting some modular madness into your works.


* 48 kHz/24-bit samples
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine
* Long samples of a true modular analogue synthesiser
* Drones, sweeps, swoops, blips, bleeps, SFX, ring mod
* Sample start editing with waveform display
* Bit crushing, distortion, chorus, phaser and echo FX
* Convolution reverb with wide range of impulses
* Tuning, level and pan of individual samples
* Advanced modulation
* Two ADSR envelopes
* Multi-mode filter”