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“Spector provides exceedingly original yet detailed sounds with its two extremely colorful and versatile spectrum filters, yet also adds the power of up to six oscillators per voice with two different waveforms each. Separate independent spectrum filters process each of the two waveforms, and creating new, unique sounds by simply drawing new filter curves and then shifting or morphing the two filter’s spectrums is pure fun. Spector offers four envelope generators, two LFOs, a powerful modulation matrix and on-board effects.

Up to 6 oscillators per voice
2 variable spectrum filters with morph control
4 ADSR envelope generators
2 LFOs
Powerful modulation matrix
On-board effects (Distortion, Delay, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus)”






“Serious Sound Design

Wrap yourself around Twist 2—the Spectral Morphing Synthesis instrument from SONiVOX. Combining a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects, Twist 2 is your toolkit for serious sound design using simple, time-saving controls. Two swirling sound layers provide unique harmonic controls, forming the foundation for every patch. Common elements include a monstrous multi-mode filter, independent Amp and Filter envelope generators, plus a remarkable LFO that can be sync’d to the current tempo. The onscreen interface is clean and uncluttered; the well-defined controls deliver incredible sound-sculpting abilities, while providing immediate audio results.

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