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using pitch wheel


LPS Epic Organic Full

LPS Epic Tech Full

LPS Industrial Full

LPS Mangled Pop Full

PERC Church Kick Drum Kit

PERC Spring Drum FX

PERC Dark Impacts

PERC Captn Crunch n Punch Kit

Evolve Mutations

STINGS Shock and Slice Menu

STINGS Swelling Alias Endings

INST OTH Shofar So Far

APT Sever The Dust MW

PERC Ethnic Drums REvolved

LPS Combi 14 Native Syns

LPS 01 Scorefare Menu 1

INST SYN Organ Snaps MW

World Percussion: Some Presets I

Africans Percussions

Brazil Drums


Jaw Harp

Palm Drum


Taiko Drums


Turkish Perc Kit 03

World Drums

World Kit 05

World Whistles