“The Ultimate Waveshaping Synth

Z3TA+2 is designed to suit any and all of your electronic productions. From pop to trap, energetic to atmospheric, you’ll have the sounds you need at your fingertips.

Waveshaping Synthesis

Choose, tweak, and fine-tune your waveform
Free and adaptive pitch-bending analog style performance grid
14 continuously variable dual-stage filter types
Envelopes to control any parameter
6 Powerful LFOs for individual or universal control
Straightforward Mod Matrix and Arpeggio tools
Global control for a crushing brickwall limiter, level, tuning, and polyphony

Built-in Effects

5 distortion types, plus routing options and continuously variable controls
Slow, Medium, and Fast compression with threshold, ratio, and makeup gain controls
Totally tweakable Room, Hall, and Plate reverbs
7-band graphic eq with variable band settings and colorful Simulator Mode
9 adjustable Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger effects
4 Stereo Delay types with Sync and EQ controls
Drag-and-drop effects in any order”