HALion Symphonic Orchestra

“HALion Symphonic Orchestra puts the awesome emotive power and sheer sonic majesty of a full symphonic orchestra under your total control. Evocative scores, exquisite arrangements, emotive accompaniments — this instrument is an ideal, cost effective virtual symphonic orchestra for composition and production in music, TV and film scoring and game sound.

More than a hundred patches and combinations, including strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments with dozens of different playing techniques

Covers all common articulations and bowings in unrivalled expressiveness and full dynamic range

State-of-the-art digital recording for highest accuracy and audio fidelity

RealAmbience feature offers true recorded ambience with full control of mix and reverb time

Windows and Mac installer included

Exceptional quantity…

HALion Symphonic Orchestra offers a wide range of samples well organized in groups and programs of solo, tutti and ensemble instrument sounds in various playing styles and articulations. The wide selection of playing techniques allows full control over a range of articulations, including crescendo, decrescendo, accents, half and whole tone trills, bowing, portamento, pizzicato and espressivo by using innovatively programmed facilities like key-switches and crossfades among others.

…in exceptional quality

The content for HALion Symphonic Orchestra was painstakingly recorded using top-grade equipment ensuring the highest sonic fidelity — performed by one of Europe’s leading orchestras. The instrument set provides a full, richly detailed orchestra with its full range of vibrant, evocative sounds, instruments and textures. Thanks to its outstanding sound quality, realism and expressiveness, HALion Symphonic Orchestra is your go-to solution for maximum orchestral output.


HALion Symphonic Orchestra can be used as an independent instrument in VST 3, VST 2 and AU compatible hosts and as an expansion pack for the HALion library with HALion (version 5.0 or higher), HALion Sonic (version 2.0 or higher) or HALion Sonic SE* (version 2.0 or higher). The instrument installer includes the latest updater for HALion Sonic SE.

*HALion Sonic SE 2 is included in Cubase (version 7.5 or higher), Cubase Artist (version 7.5 or higher) and Nuendo NEK (version 6.5 or higher).”