Objeq Delay

Objeq Delay


“Beyond traditions

Objeq Delay is a creative delay unit with unique filtering options thanks to our acoustic object models. Going beyond traditional delay duties, Objeq Delay delivers modulator type effects, drum track layering, one-shot re-crafting, dynamic loop mangling, and drones…


Objeq Delay kits out an extensive Delay module. Whether it’s for psychoacoustic effects, slap, rhythmic, or super lush space-out echoes, with modulation and feedback filters, Objeq Delay covers the whole gamut of delay possibilities.

Triplet Spur

A tempo synchronized delay with an initial quarter note triplet holdup followed by eighth note triplet repeats all spiced up with ping pong and a tiny bit of modulation for depth and thickness.

Ghost Notes

The low-cut filter and Drumhead object supply upper harmonic excitement time-shifted by a dotted eighth note and followed by straight eighth note repeats.

Freak Delay

A slowly modulated Plate object treats these eighth note repetitions with a sweet throatiness.

False Start

Here the heavily modulated Balance sets the pulsing gate effect, the eighth and quarter notes split delay adds rhythmic complexity while the Beam object contributes to the low end.

Echoes—35 presets

Grand Memories
Deep Tone Echoes
Freq Nasty
Triplet Spur
False Start
Space Cadets
Ghost Notes
Wooden Box
Subtle Sixteenth Swing
Head Slap
Funky Guitar Echo
Rattle the Workbench
Mr. Bubbles⎯–Filtered
A Form of Change
Guitar Flutter
Ghosts in the Shell
Echo Wreck
Freak Delay
Timbre Alter
Go Deeper
Flangey Vox Mod
Flutter Repeats
Slap and Flutter
Slap and Wow
Ambience Recovery Low
Ambience Recovery Medium
Ambience Recovery High
Helmut’s Precedence Short
Helmut’s Precedence Medium
Helmut’s Precedence Long
Cemetery Taunt


Objeq Delay boasts a comprehensive LFO with a full list of modulation destinations that allows the creation of chorus, flanger, vibrato, tremolo, and auto-filter modulation effects.

Fragile Chorus

a moody, slowly modulated chorus with extra shaping from both the filter module and feedback filters.

Leather Cello

This buzzing sawtooth quivers along the Drumhead object and a slight flange provided by a short modulated delay.

Viscous Vibe

This is pure delay line modulation that provides a fairly fast 100% wet palpitation.

Smooth Talker

This is new-acid filtering—and it’s the slowly modulated Beam object that’s up for the task.

Modulators—44 presets

Dimension E
Moon Echo Chorus
Body Builder
A Touch Of Chorus
Fragile Chorus
Hydro Chorus
Analog Drip
A Touch Of Flanger
String Flanger
Beam Flanger
Drumhead Flanger
Plate Flanger
Glint Flanger
Psycho Flange
Above 1600
Mallet Flange
Smooth Talker
Objeq Tremolo
Eric’s Idea
Spit Valve
Haas Tremolo
Tremolo-free Lows
Plate Tremolo
Bass Riff Tremolo
Triplet Saw Tremolo
Triplet Pulse Tremolo
Hard Tremolo
String Sweep
Brass Box
Leather Cello
Wobble FL
Auto Saw Swell
Auto Saw Pulse
Trample & Hold
Dream Weevil
Viscous Vibe
Rotary’s Baby
Luau & Flutter
Tape Fidelity One
Tape Fidelity Two
Tape Fidelity Four
Tape Fidelity Eight

Rhythmic Loop Manglers

Objeq Delay really augments the life of rhythmic loops. While the resonator is made as a new pulsing element, the delay module, with its independent first and subsequent repeats, answers the source’s original invitation—working together to create complex and intricate new beats.

Party Hats

The Plate and Filter work on the high frequency band while the split-time delay creates a new elastic hi-hat riff.

Semitone Riff

With the String’s square-modulated Frequency and dotted 8th repeats, Objeq Delay creates a bouncy bassline from this drum loops.


The Plate, split-time Delay (8th and dotted 8th), and square-shape LFO all contribute to this added percussion layer.

Mini House

Three Objeq Delay buses are use to create these snare, hi-hat, and percussion parts from the same kick source.

Rhythmic Loop Manglers—36 presets

Square Riff
Something from Nothing
Syncopated Plastic
Dub Delay
Dub Percussion
Hi-Hat Widener
Party Hats
Stereo Tambourine
Pipers Hits
1 – 2 – 3 – 4
1 & 2 & 3 & 4
Kick Accent
Dub Riff in A
Drunk Bassist
Semitone Riff
Rhythm Bass Delay
Diving Riff in A
Cowbell Break
Drunk Xylophonist
Freak Out Mod
Filter Drummer
Kitchen Pans
Pipe Dreamz
Groovy Thang
Add 2 Kick
A Piece of
80’s Maker
Fifty Shades of Paisley
Dub El-F-Ooo
Rhythm Sweep Ups
Mini House Snare
Mini House Hi-Hat
Mini House Percussion

Kick Track Enhancers

Objeq Delay’s resonators can transform kick tracks in many interesting ways—add boom decays or snap attacks in skin, plastic, wood, or metal flavours.

String Oomph

By carefully tuning Objeq Delay’s resonator to the fundamental frequency of the source, the Decay parameter can effectively extends the resonance.

Plate Fifth

Here the Plate resonator is tuned to a fifth (1.5× the fundamental frequency of the source) for tremendous punch—a neat trick to make your kick translate well on all sound systems.

Hi-Fi Crunch

This one keeps only the very top end of the Drumhead resonator to add an extra layer of bite.


Synchronized to the 16th note, the LFO modulates the Drumhead’s frequency for a wobbling sound effect.

Kick Track Enhancers—25 presets

Drumhead Oomph—60 Hz
String Oomph—60 Hz
Loose Head—60 Hz
Drumhead Fifth—60 Hz
Plate Fifth—60 Hz
String Fifth—60 Hz
Plate Octave—60 Hz
Plate Replacer
Low Plop
Bass Note
55 Hz
Hi-Fi Crunch
Plastic Tube Toy
Hard Plastic
Tabla Tableau
Serge’s Percussion
Unchained Snare

Snare Track Enhancers

Like kicks, snare tracks are prime candidates for Objeq Delay’s resonators. The objects layer in weight, body, an acoustic ring, or a snappier attack showing no prejudice whether your source material is acoustic or electronic.

Brass Reso

Objeq Delay blends in the Drumhead object tuned and tweaked for a snappy metallic midrange tone.

Call Me Woody

Here’s the Drumhead again playing the counterpart with a fat woody timbre.


Here the Plate object is tuned to a sub harmonic to create a larger than life snare.


Fast random modulation of the delay time and the String’s filtering combine for this watery effect.

Snare Track Enhancers—20 presets

Brass Reso
Call Me Woody
Fifth Trick
218 Tail
Snare Ekos
Play Toe Snare
Underground Tails
Classic Egnater
Snare Metalizer
Tape Lead
Deviated Septum
400 Mids
Paying with Plastic
The Owl‘s Snare
Acoustic Ring
Snare Tail


With high resonance and modulation, Objeq Delay’s resonator forms ever evolving drones that reacts to the source material in a related but often unrecognizable fashion.

Howling Forest

The Plate at maximum decay and the slow modulation of the echo time with full feedback spawn this wailing cry.


A 55 Hz Drumhead at spun-out decay plots together with a slowly modulated ping pong delay to devise this thunderous rumble.

On a Dull Silver Platter

With gobs of feedback on the delay, the Plate’s never-ending decay throbs at its lowest setting to completely transmute the synthesizer pad source.

Digital Decay

This midrange twirl is a courtesy of a slowly modulated String object and a good amount of filtered feedback delay.

Drones—24 presets

Krell Documentary
TV Mystery Movie
Something Wrong
Karplus Wrong
On a Dull Silver Plater
Dissonant Reverberations
Windy Winter Night
Bionic Ben
Digital Decay
Cosmic Duvet
Spirit Catcher
First Exos
Second Exos
Blue Ghost
Sync Afterlife
Wonderful World
Head Rush
Howling Forest
Sonde on Sonde

Richard Devine Signature

Expert sound designer Richard Devine bring his touch to Objeq Delay with a comprehensive set of presets that explore the extremes of the effect with all kinds of new and interesting sonic transformations.

Slow Feedback Chunks

With the Plate object in action and a little help from the Filter module, the slow, heavy, and random modulation of the delay time renders the glitch effect in and out of the loop.

Bass Accompaniment

With random modulation of the String object’s Frequency parameter, Objeq Delay adds a troubled bass accompaniment to the source loop.

Delay Skratter

Some more random modulation of the delay time while the Drumhead object complements the stuttery effect with extra low end enhancement.

Rod Harmonies

The randomly modulated Beam object’s Frequency brings a new tone to the table while the Delay’s split times and Ping Pong mode expand the loop by adding complexity and depth.

Richard Devine Signature—42 presets

S&H Timbre Drum
Delay Glitch
Feedback Snake
Tight Modder
Delay Glitch – No Resonance 1
Delay Glitch – No Resonance 2
Metal Sheet Drum
Gate Metal
Robo Flange
Pong Pops
Slow Feedback Chunks
Wonky Theremin
Pure Drone
Dark Mills Tones
Mod Flanger
Box Pitcher
Dark B-Sider
Dark Crystal
Blunker Space
Just Drum
Xylo Matrix
Bass Accompaniment
Delay Skratter
Changing Kick
Bubble Gun Run
Sun Delay
Metal Space
Rod Harmonies
Swarm Pulse
Clog Decay
Drap Delay
Low Muffler
Play Me Metal
Crawl Through
Disturb Signals
Motor Rotor