“The PG-8X is a virtual analog synthesizer, with the standard 2-DCO – 24dB/oct Filter design.


up to 12 voice polyphony
Two DCO’s with Saw, Square, Pulse, Noise
Hard Sync and Ring Modulation
Two exponential envelop generators
24 dB resonant LP filter
HP filter (3 stages)
Stereo Chorus
Import and Export of JX-8P Sysex data

Technical information:

programmed in C++ using WDL-OL
optimized SSE2 code
6 Key assignment modes:
Poly (re-assignment of voices)
Poly2 (round robin)
Unison (two voices in unison)
Unison2 (second voice shifted by 1 octave)
Mono2 (all voices in unison)

MIDI Learn: MIDI Controllers can be assigned by right-clicking on the slider

Automatic adjustment of oversampling”